03 June 2008

Triumphs Large and Small

I'll not add to the verbiage here in the blogosphere about Obama clinching the nomination, though I share in the general delight. More than anything else, I'm relieved -- guardedly relieved, but that's a whole lot better than the stomach-clenching tension (and occasional stomach-turning disgust) of the last way-too-many months. So: Yay!!!!

In local news, we've been waiting til Home Depot ran another installation special to upgrade our two remaining funky old aluminum doors. Jer dropped in on spec and found out that an unadvertised half-price sale was, in fact, on -- with one day left to run. Deal done!

Elsewhere on the domestic front, about a month ago our macho Rabbit (tm) corkscrew -- expensive, and worth it -- broke. We knew it had a longterm guarantee, but who keeps the paperwork on a corkscrew? Jer boxed it up and shipped it back, and today's mail brought a brand-new replacement, with a 10-year warranty starting now. Yee-haw.

It felt like a winner of a day.

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Gerrie said...

Dang, why didn't I think of that when mine broke. Wait a minute, I might still have it.