15 June 2008

Happy Fathers' Day

Father's Day 1967. Do the math. My dad died at 70, younger than my husband is now. I find that so weird to contemplate.

Dad wasn't much of a drinker; I vaguely recall that this hip flask was intended as a joke. The bottle of Jade East aftershave was the "real" present.

Like my dress? Betcha couldn't tell (ha) I made it myself. The hexagons were kelly green, and the ribbon was green velvet. I still remember the feel of that sleazy polyester.


Terry said...

What a great picture! Your Dad looks mighty pleased with the attention. I think I have a picture taken about the same year with my little brother leaning into me just like yours. Being the "big sister" was pretty great.

Gerrie said...

You have hardly changed!!