20 June 2008

Mt. Tabor, finally

It only took us three years to check out Mount Tabor, an almost-200-acre park smack in the middle of southeast Portland, maybe 12 minutes from our front door. Mount Tabor is the site of an extinct volcano and three active reservoirs, the source of much of Portland's drinking water, each graced with crenellated gatehouses and ornamental iron fences. The total effect is more Versailles than municipal utility project, which is kind of cool.

As you look east from the other side of the Willamette, Mount Tabor is a conspicuous landmark. Not surprisingly, the view toward town from its slopes is spectacular.

We encountered several very happy dogs on the short hike to the summit, and found a canine mis-en-place, complete with excellent throwing stick, along the trail. All that was missing was the Alpo, or whatever brand/formulation enlightened dog owners favor these days.

Speaking of food, on the way home we detoured a few blocks east and had a delightful breakfast at the Arleta Library Bakery & Cafe. Jer had turned up his cute snub nose at the menu I pulled from their website, noting that "the only way they do eggs is scrambled." Oh dear. But what they do with their scrambled eggs is, midway through, change course and turn them into an elegant omelette roulade. Delicious. It's a tiny, friendly neighborhood place, and we will be back.


Anonymous said...

are you sure about that?

berto xxx

Gerrie said...

Steph lives between Hawthorne and Mt Tabor. We used to hike up there when we visited from CA, now we hardly ever go!!