25 December 2006


Mossy brick in the herb garden
Originally uploaded by revalani.
Portland has many nicknames -- City of Roses, Stumptown, River City, Bridgeville. I've never lived in a place before where the moss grew moss. It's so incredibly plushy, lush and luxurious.

Living here, how can you not like green?

I took a bunch of pictures on my walk this morning, and discovered later that I'd photographed a couple of the identical mossy outcrops around this time last year. Evergreens, in a manner of speaking. Much more mossiness at www.flickr.com/photos/revalani/sets/72157594438359372/


Libbi said...

Oooh! Great shot, Reev! (Hmmm. It would make an interesting quilt, don'tcha think?)

Revalani said...

My thought exactly. Who said green and orange are a garish combination?

Gerrie said...

When we were walking in NW a few evenings ago, we noticed that even the shadows looked green - not sure what was causing it. Steve said it was because everything had grown moss.