07 December 2006

Flatirons, Finally

This was a commission that I began this summer for a friend and colleague who has a view of the Flatiron Mountains from her home in Colorado. I finished it last week, entrusted it to FedEx, and waved it good-bye. I'm happy with how it turned out and, more importantly, so is she.

It measures about 50 by 42 inches, and is entirely machine-pieced and quilted from my design, using both commercially-printed and hand-dyed fabrics. Read all about it -- probably Too Much Information unless you're a quilter -- including many more photos than I wanted to upload here, at my Flickr site.


Libbi said...

I'm so glad (and not one bit surprised) that she likes it!

rita said...

Reva, you've outdone yourself, it's beautiful!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Reva.... just got a moment to blog surf, and LOVE the flatiron mountains...well done! I used to live in Friday Harbor, and also am very familiar with "sunbreaks." Now we are in Camden, Maine, where we get glorious winter days with blue sky and snow...amid the gray days!

Cheers, Sarah