25 September 2011

Kitchen Remodel: Week 5

The end is definitely in sight. This past week was all about surfaces -- floor, stairs and, at last, countertop. Here's the Marmoleum:

The color is called Eucalyptus. I was concerned that it would be too dark, but I think it'll be fine. The new garage stairs are also Marmoleum-clad, and edged with utilitarian metal trim. I'm glad we decided not to do the basement steps that way. 
Garage stairs and railing
The finish carpenter put in a long day Thursday doing baseboards, window and door trim, and probably a score of minutiae we haven't even noticed yet. I like this elegant turn on the stairs; we all know how much fussier a miter joint is than a butt joint:
The new basement stair carpeting is a tweedy mix that picks up the blues, greens and even a bit of the yellow in the kitchen area, and manages to harmonize with the old blue-green wall-to-wall downstairs. We made sure of all this in the showroom. Installed, you can't tell. It reads like a darkish neutral, and that's okay. Basement steps do not have to make a statement.
We're very pleased with the countertop. It's going to be a stretch for me, though, to reach those windows behind the sink. 
 In fact, as soon as the stove hood went in, I realized that this is going to be a Tall Person's Kitchen. I can barely reach the vent controls on tiptoe.
Accordingly, I ordered a Kik Step (tm) stool from Demco, a major supplier of library furniture. I haven't bought anything from them in more than 30 years. Kik Steps, like model Ts, used to come in just one color: black. Mine will be "Celery."

I'm happy that the countertop overlaps the sink by a smidge, instead of the other way around. I find that much more pleasing, and it will be easier to clean. In fact, I'm thrilled with the sink itself.
I'm grateful, too, even though the lighting isn't fully functional yet, that we've managed to normalize the wiring so that each switch controls the most logical (i.e. closest) set of lights. It wasn't that way in the old kitchen, nor is it so elsewhere in the house.

When the electricians left after rough-in three weeks ago (it seems a lot longer than that) they said "See you at finish." According to the schedule, that's tomorrow.


Jeri said...

Looks HEAVENLY....the Hoppin John is going to taste even better if that is possible ;-). I want the retro kitchen stool with steps that my Grandmother had....Cosco I think, and red, as was hers.

Anonymous said...

Looking good...VERY good!

Terry said...

It is so beautiful and so YOU! I can imagine many wonderful meals coming from this gorgeous and utilitarian space.

June said...

Such joy. And the two of you will have many many years of playing together in a space you designed. You'll truly feel it's yours. Congrats. And nice, even to the non-foodie's eye.

June said...

Oh yeah, and I am fascinated with stools, so am happy to hear about yours.

carol said...

it looks beautiful! Seems like it was a relatively painless process, and speedy, too!

Revalani said...

Relatively speedy, yeah. Not totally painless, but it sure could've been a whole lot worse.

June, I never knew you were fascinated with stools. Ahem.

I can picture exactly the Costco step-stool you have in mind, Jeri. We had the red one when I was a kid. I have the all-white equivalent now, but what I wanted is one I don't have to unfold, and that has wheels so I can kick it around the room to where it's needed. Because I think it'll BE needed several times a day.