12 September 2011

Kitchen Remodel: Week 4 - Monday, Monday

The decision was made this morning: The problematic basement stairs will be rebuilt. Alrighty.

The deck door arrived and was installed. It's beautiful.

Jerry realized over the weekend that the outlet we'd spec'd for the microwave, which will go into a cabinet above the oven, was missing. He alerted Steve, who alerted the electrician, who came out this afternoon and ran the wire. Whew; much easier now than it would've been a couple of days from now. The new box is on the upper right:

Sheetrocking finished this morning. Painting will proceed on schedule tomorrow.

Oh, and our block party last night was excellent. Best food ever, though we say that every year. I managed to scrape together a simple tomato salad -- just layers of sliced homegrowns sprinkled with fresh basil, s&p, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Tomato season is waning now, but yesterday I picked our first ripe plums. 

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Anonymous said...

It's lookin good. A the tomato salad looks delicious.