13 April 2008

What a gorgeous day

Saturday was not only Abbie's birthday, but the most beautiful day, weatherwise, in six months. It was clear and sunny, with highs in the mid-70s. T-shirt/bare feet weather, finally, and no need to turn on the heat. In the morning, I did the MS Walk with Lib and her family and some friends. Unlike the past couple of years, we actually applied sunblock before heading out.
The view en route was spectacular. We could see Mt. Hood in the distance, looming over the city.

You can tell it's spring when the toenail colors bloom. This is a quite conservative application, all one hue, and the first of the season. Later on, maybe, I'll get back to the purple-teal-lime green spectrum. Or not.

Jer was in Albuquerque all last week, for a fringe science conference. I picked him up at PDX after the MS Walk. Toward cocktail time, we had a drink on the front porch -- again, the first of the season. China Rose loves the swing, but is wondering where the cushion disappeared to. I'll bring it out again once I see fewer daily showers in the forecast.

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