28 February 2008


Our friends Jen and Drew were here last weekend. This is what it looks like when they, or some of our other WELL pals, visit.

Jen's daughter Laura is a Reedie, and had a major role in a theatrical experience, a senior thesis project involving the Cinderella story played out in the rave scene. Prince Charming was DJ Strange Boy, and there was a reason, pharmacologically speaking, why they stayed up way, way, way past midnight (in this household we call it "Pumpkin Time"). Parts of the production worked surprisingly well.

Speaking of wired, I've been remarkably industrious the last couple of days. Yesterday I scrubbed down the little deck off the kitchen, railings and floor. It made some difference, but a coat or two of paint would really help. This morning, I polished several pair of silver earrings, then brushed varnish on the badly-neglected kitchen picture-window-sill, lemon-oiled the table, and made a preliminary effort to clean the hardware on the Hoosier cabinet. Tomorrow, if I still feel like it, I'll wash down the wood and then apply some lemon oil. I've been a total slug about housecleaning all winter, but now I've got the bit between my teeth, as the expression goes.

Before I got heavily into the cleaning jag this morning, Jer and I walked to Sellwood to check out the Garden State food cart. Nice guy, tasty vittles. For various reasons he was out of the two items I really wanted to try, the arancine and the grilled chicken, but the chick pea/squash sandwich was tastier than it sounds. I'd call it not worth a detour in the Michelin sense, but worth keeping in mind if you're in the nabe and hungry.

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