21 February 2008

Lunar Eclipse

I thought we'd miss it -- the high probability of cloudy skies, plus we had a 7:30 theater curtain, and by the time we parked and all... But then Jer suggested leaving a bit early so we could get a bite to eat before the play, and we ended up at PCS a few minutes before 7. There was a small crowd at the corner, which turned out to be, mostly, a photography class from the Portland Art Institute, across the street from the theater. The view from there was perfect. I hung out while Jer went inside, ordered a sandwich and brought back a glass of red wine to share. We watched through totality.

Note: This isn't my shot. The photo credit imported with Flickr's "Blog This" doesn't show up in all browsers, apparently. It was originally uploaded by A new opportunity of life / Arturo Andrade as Eclipse Feb 2008

The last lunar eclipse I recall seeing was during our time at Sea Ranch, where someone set up a huge telescope at the end of their cul de sac. The sky was a lot darker there, and the orange glow more brilliant. But the terra cotta disk juxtaposed against the brickwork of the old Armory was quite a picture; I hope some of the students thought to include a slice of the building, for context.

There's a primitive and, to me, deeply satisfying charge in the fact that people will still stop on the street to marvel at something gone strange in the cosmos.


Gerrie said...

That is gorgeous. Your new camera is soing the job!! Of course, we couldn't see it on this side of the river.

Revalani said...

Thanks, Gerrie, but I can't take credit; I've added a note to clarify that it ain't my shot.

Terry said...

I am a bit relieved to see that you did not take the photo. (especially since we now have the same camera!) My photo looks nothing like that one! Oh, but wasn't it gorgeous? How lucky not to have clouds that night.