28 July 2007

Sandi Gets Her Tat On

My dear friend Libbi's sister Sandi was visiting from Philly this week. Sandi was celebrating a milestone birthday -- gallantry forbids me from revealing which one, but she's almost exactly 10 years older than me -- and had decided, not on a whim, to get a tattoo to mark the occasion.

Vona had researched the options, and the four of us, Sandi and her support group, converged this afternoon at Tigerlily Tattoo on SE Sandy (an auspicious coincidence, no doubt) at 47th. Sandi chose a simple, classic peace sign. After we double-checked to make sure it was right side up, Mike, the tattoo artist, went about his work. It only took about five minutes. Sandi was brave. She, Lib and Vona went out for a drink to celebrate, while I went home to hang with Jer. I raised my glass of wine to join in the toast -- you go, Sandi. Enjoy your tat. Be happy.

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Gerrie said...

Didn't you feel compelled to get one, too?