24 July 2007

Party, party, party

Last weekend we went to two of the best parties I've attended in ages. Both were hosted and largely populated by people less than half my age and a third of Jerry's. I didn't bring my camera to either, which was probably just as well. One, a housewarming on NE Alberta, involved a whole roast pig, a pinata, dozens of pies, and a highly literate and entertaining female duo, the Alphabetics, who rapped about Scrabble, asthma, pizza and body hair (not all in the same song). The other, a 25th birthday party held on the bluffs west of Overlook Park, featured a potato cannon, accordions, an exquisite yellow-and-blue cake, and a commanding view of the railroad yards from possibly the most esoteric corner of Portland I've visited so far. Thanks, Tessa and Kristin & Eric, for the pies, potatoes and opportunity to celebrate with y'all.

Sunday was also the final day of the national petanque championship playoffs, or something like that, at Westmoreland Park. Neither of us plays or knows much about petanque, but our friend Bill, who visited recently, is into it, and it seemed a shame not to check it out since the venue is less than a 15-minute walk from our house. This time I did remember my camera, and took several boring photos. From an outsider's perspective, petanque isn't a particularly dynamic sport; I'm not sure it would even qualify as aerobic exercise. The "Boule Bleu" brand name struck me as amusing, though, as did the art car (truck, actually) we spotted on the way home, and the porta-potty on SE 28th that was definitely not at the "right angle" (click on the top photo to enlarge it).

Between petanque and potato cannon, Jer and I zipped downtown for a block party celebrating the Contemporary Craft Museum's new quarters bordering the North Park Blocks. Gerrie has posted some pix on her blog. Inside, it was shoulder-to-shoulder, too crowded to really take in the exhibit which, fortunately, will be up for several more weeks.

Monday, I did essentially nothing. It felt great.

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