31 January 2011

Look What the Cat Dragged in, Phase III

Several years ago I documented our cat Stella Luna’s odd obsession with bringing wads of dried grass into the house and depositing them in various locations. Later, her interest morphed into transferring gloves, hats and socks we kept in a basket by the door to other parts of the house.

In the last few years, she’s pretty much limited her artistic efforts to a carefully placed toy mouse or catnip pillow, announcing each installation with a forceful yowl. This activity invariably takes place shortly after her staff has gone to bed for the night. We drift off to sleep mildly curious to see what awaits us in the morning.

As she did earlier in her artistic career, Stella’s now exploring another new medium. She’s been working with fabric lately, using scraps and strips from my work table to articulate her own creative vision. Frankly I don’t think it’s as strong as her earlier work, but at least somebody in this family is putting in studio time.


Jeri said...

Yes it is important for the studio to be used. It will go stale and thus the creative air will not nourish those who follow. I actually got some time in today in my studio as well, putting Walnut Ink on tissue paper, hoping for an effect that will make the current deadline driven project somewhat easier. My expectation however, is to find kitty litter drying in said Walnut Ink, and I know that is not the effect I want. Why they don't wipe their feet before proceeding into the studio is beyond me.

Revalani said...

Kitty litter: think of it as glitter. Nah, probably not the effect you wanted. It does add texture, though.

Wolfy said...

Stella has some strange obsessions. Butterscotch has only ever done that one thing that was closer to an exorcism than artwork.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Stella, we have missed your mysterious ways. She appears to be working in muted tones, so maybe you could give her somechoices in a rainbow of colors. It could be the beginning of some great performance art!