02 July 2010

Happy Birthday, Sophie

Hard to believe that it's been a year since this little critter attached herself to us while we out walking. She was dirty, disheveled and limping -- not at all like she is in this photo, fresh from a birthday bath. The beginning of the saga is here.

We knew almost nothing about living with dogs, and even less about integrating them into a household ruled by cats. We had no idea how old she was, or even what breed. Her record at the vet, last time I checked, still said "cockapoo mix."

Once we decided to keep her, we declared July 2nd, the day we found her, her birthday. After several months of waffling on the breed question by saying "We dunno; we think she's a Lhasa Apso or maybe a Shih Tzu mix," we sprang for a doggie DNA test. She's almost purebred Lhasa with a touch of Pekinese; the Peke part explains why she's on the small side for a Lhasa, and accounts for all her bad qualities, which are few.

Of course we've grown to love her. The cats would probably choose a somewhat less effusive verb, but still. The video features China Rose, who was so spooked when Sophie joined the family that she hid in the laundry sink for two weeks.


Reet said...

I love how China Rose clearly could care less. She sort of look, bt then even her ears are ponted away from ms Sophie.

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Gerrie said...

Heh! So glad Sophie found you.

Revalani said...

Rita, exactly so. "I tolerate you, but you mean so little to me." Cats.

Mary said...

If I do not acknowledge her, she is not actually there!

Henna @ AboutDivorce Blog said...

awww. sophie is a darling, all furry and small, she is a cute and adorable pet