26 September 2008

When I'm 74

Today is Jerry's birthday. Doesn't he look good for a boy his age?

I got him a super-geeky gift, a t-shirt that displays wi-fi signal strength at the wearer's location. See? It's four bars inside, and two on the porch. This should be lots of fun strolling Hawthorne.

And here's the cake. It's chocolate, of course, under all that chocolate. Some people make fun of quilters for cutting up perfectly good fabric and sewing it back together again. This icing is just bittersweet chocolate, melted and mixed with a little cream. When it sets it's basically pure chocolate again. I see nothing wrong with that.

I've discovered that eating chocolate late in the day -- say, after a dinner of poulet Dijonnaise en filo, which is Jer's traditional birthday request, therefore on the menu for this evening -- keeps me awake at night every bit as much as coffee. So I encouraged the birthday boy to cut into his cake for breakfast. It didn't take much to persuade him. Happy birthday to you, sweetie.


Wolfy said...

He looks wonderful for 74!

Gerrie said...

Happy birthday to a fellow libra!! Me want cake. I also want one of those shirts!!

Terry said...

What a sweet face! Happy Birthday, Jerry!

Gale said...

I love the shirt. Did you inbed a GPS finder for when the aliens beam Jerry up for a birthday surprise? If you go too it won't matter. Hope he had a great one and the year ahead is full of pleasant surprises.