18 August 2008

Let rise until duh- oh

Let rise until duh- oh.
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I used the same recipe as last time, the classic Tassajara whole wheat bread with some millet flour added because I happened to have it. I realized partway through -- i.e., when I walked into the kitchen and saw this -- that I usually cut the quantity in half.

It turned out fine, despite the mess.Two of the three loaves and fifteen of the sixteen burger rolls are in the freezer.

I don't use butter per se very often, but a slather on fresh-baked bread is butter's highest calling. Yes, "slather" is a noun, at least in this household.


Gerrie said...

That is an hysterical photo!! It was a good break baking day for a change, eh?

Terry said...

I could not imagine what that was when I looked at the photo! Gloopy mess to clean up, I imagine, but bet the bread was good. I'm so glad someone figured out recently that butter is really good for you.