09 May 2008

Scenes around the 'hood

On one recent walk around the neighborhood, we saw...

a charming sign:

a large-scale model airplane hanging in what appeared to be an abandoned and partially-demolished workshop. It seems to be a bit deficient in the wingspan department. If I'm not mistaken, the engine cylinders are crushed beer cans:

a challenging doorway:

and a tile-encrusted set of stairs worthy of a Mexican village:

Most of our perambulations aren't quite so rich in amusement value, but we usually see something that makes us stop and think, or grin, or scratch our heads. For instance...

a flicker rat-a-tatting on a metal chimney:

a kitty curtain call:

an insouciant vehicle:

and, last but not least, what I will G-ratedly refer to as the Tickle Chair:

1 comment:

Gerrie said...

I am sitting here giggling. I loved these photos.