10 September 2007

The List

I've been meaning to post yet another list of what's been going on for the last several days, and I'll get to that eventually. But tonight I saw Richard Thompson (a.k.a. The Face of God) at the Aladdin Theater -- third time in that venue; I don't think I've missed a Portland show of his since we moved here -- and a different list came to mind. I wonder how many married or otherwise committed couples have one of these; i.e., people you've put your partner on notice you would, um, go to bed with, no question. "He's on my list," I say, and Jer nods, understandingly. RT's on it, Kevin Spacey's on it, despite the fact that he apparently plays on the wrong, for moi, team, and... hmmm, RT seems to have completely blanked out the rest of the rest of my not-lengthy but rather eclectic list. I'm sure it's just temporary.


Terry said...

James Taylor for me. Juliette Binoche for Ray. We have a friend who always used to say, on a bad day at work, "I'm thinking about quitting this job and just stalking Linda Ronstadt full-time." I think everyone has an inner obsessed fan lurking behind their mild-mannered facade!

Anonymous said...

Thinking Women's Sex Objects:

Bill Nighy
Alan Rickman
and still, Jeremy Irons
Chris Cooper
and, sadly, though he can still make me weep--
Luciano Pavarotti

Anonymous said...

BTW Alan, Bill, Chris, Jeremy and Luciano, anonymous is Mary