11 August 2007

Another busy day

My day started by discovering that somebody, probably Stella Luna, had knocked the cat drinking fountain askew. The adjacent chair and dressing room rug were soaked. Good morning!

After breakfast I went to the Lloyd Center DoubleTree to register for tomorrow's BridgePedal. Talked a while with Sharon Wood Wortman, who wrote The Portland Bridge Book. I had plenty of time left on the meter, so I walked up to Broadway and stocked up on Peet's French roast. Decided to window shop a bit, taking a different route back to the car, and ended up in Goodwill. My, my; the Irvington store is a good 'un. I scored big: A tan lightweight linen Flax-like short-sleeved blouse (collarless, buttons up the front) for $4.99, a black lightweight linen Flax-like long-sleeved shirt (also collarless) for $8.99, and a muted, medium green Agnes B long-sleeved shirt, in a soft fine cotton, for $6.99. Great condition, well-made, lovely detailing on everything. Given Portland's excellent second-hand stores and the fact that I can sew and alter fabric in various interesting ways, I might never buy a new item of clothing again. Well, there is underwear.

Then Office Depot for printer cartridges, and the Aladdin box office for tickets to Richard Thompson's show in September. An efficient morning: Two hours door to door, and I accomplished everything I wanted and more. But that's not all. After a bite to eat (I'm still working on those salads from Thursday lunch) I planted the crocosmia and sedums I got from Jeannette yesterday. No sooner had I stuck one of the orange-flowered crocs in the dirt than a hummingbird zoomed up to check it out. A good sign. Then I deadheaded the roses and did a little weeding. Now I'm tired.
It's amazing how much the garden has grown. Compare these pics (taken before today's additions) with how it looked just a couple of months ago. Note in particular the left porch column, which was bare and is now completely entwined by wisteria, and the light blue-green eucalyptus to the left of the flagstone path, which has at least quadrupled in size.

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