01 April 2007

Believe it or don't

I discovered a few days ago that my little herb garden, where I've been happily toiling away for the last two growing seasons, is shaped exactly like an acoustic guitar -- two-thirds of a dreadnought, to be precise. It's bordered with mossy brick, so the outline is quite clear when viewed from above.

I couldn't fit this astounding revelation gracefully into the paean to spring I posted earlier today. But it seems like a perfect April 1st entry, even though, like the Easter bulbs, it's totally non-bogus. I've Photoshopped in a couple of lines to highlight what I'm talking about, but that's it.

Now I'm wondering about the previous owners of the house. Famous singer-songwriters? In the instrument biz, perhaps? Or just old folkies and music lovers like Jer and me?

It's kind of spooky, but good spooky, don't you think?

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