12 March 2007

Power Spots

Cats have an innate ability to track where we humans focus our attention, and an uncanny knack for interposing themselves between us and there. (Sometimes, I suspect, levitation is involved.) The goal, of course, is to reassert themselves as the center of the universe and the sole purpose of our existence.

This is a big "duh," but I thought it worth documenting, especially since Stella Luna and China Rose recently provided such textbook examples. I post these shots knowing that you might never (again) accept a cup of coffee, let alone a meal, at my house.

Cats and quilts, especially quilts in progress, are another manifestation of the same phenom. The attraction is almost magnetic.

But books and newspapers are the classic example of the feline ability to find the power spot. Abbie, not pictured, is a master at getting between me and whatever I'm trying to reading. He's on my lap, on my laptop, even as I type. Years ago, a friend postulated that cats can read, and that they have a specialized eye for this purpose located somewhere near their anus. That would explain it.

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Gerrie said...

I LOVE the photo with the napkin on the table. I had cats for many years when we had children at home and I dearly miss the intrusion. AJ loved to sit on my lab whenever I was at the computer or reading. But the butt in the face? don't miss that.