22 February 2007

The Man Who Talks to Crows

Jerry typically carries a small supply of dog biscuits when we go for a walk. Lately, he's been feeding more crows in the neighborhood than dogs.

He's developed a little routine, a line of patter to attract the corvoid flocks: "Look, Mr. Crow! Yo! Pay attention! Here you go!" As if they needed to be told.

Some are a bit leery, waiting til we're well down the block before cautiously approaching the fragments of Milk-Bone (tm) scattered on the sidewalk. Others are downright bold, swooping over our heads and landing right behind us to feed the moment we walk away.

I think we've officially joined the ranks of eccentric but basically harmless retired people. In fact, I know it. Apparently the crows do, too.

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kate said...

lovely post and lovely pictures