16 January 2007

Perhaps the novelty is wearing off a bit

It snowed again today, about six inches. The streets were hushed and still this morning til we got to Berkeley Park, which turned out to be Sledding Central. It felt like the whole neighborhood was out there, sliding down the hills on and in a variety of conveyances, including plastic recycling bins, dishpans, and cookie sheets.

When we got home, I called the theater and rescheduled our tickets for tonight (one of the perqs of a season subscription). Just found out the performance has been cancelled anyway, which makes me feel considerably less of a wuss about not wanting to drive.

We shot the equivalent of an entire roll of film in the space of a half-hour walk. I've added 20 or so pix to my Winter set on flickr. So much for "we hardly ever get any snow in Portland."

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