22 October 2006

Hallowe'en in the 'hood

Portlandians take their holiday decorations seriously. This house is still under construction, but they're ready for Hallowe'en, you betcha. They've got the full spooky graveyard thing going on, complete with a pair of 1/4-scale vulture replicas and a fake crow with glowing red eyes. Here, in Eastmore-corvus-land, ersatz crows; what is the neighborhood coming to?

Speaking of fake, gigantic siding-climbing spiders are apparently this season's must-have decorative note. I prefer their over-the-top creepiness (no double-pun intended) to those humungous inflated pumpkins; so 2005.

The best decoration we've spotted so far, though, was on yesterday morning's walk. Here, on an "unimproved" block of 37th Ave. was a skull-like apparation projected through sun-dappled leaves onto a conveniently-placed rock. How did they do that?

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